Jenson Button Rallying a Vintage Beetle Is the Jenson Button We Like

When McLaren’s veteran F1 driver eases up.

Earlier this month, Formula 1 ace Jenson Button ended the ongoing speculation that he’d retire after this season. He’ll be back next year, and he’ll be driving for McLaren-Honda. But, after watching this video, part of me wishes he’d just go rallying.

Background: Jenson Button’s father, John, was also a racing driver. A rallycross driver, actually, and a pretty good one: The elder Button drove during the Seventies, runner-up to the RAC British and TEAC/Lydden Rallycross Championships. He drove a Volkswagen Beetle. He loved it. So, before the Russian Grand Prix, the BBC put Jenson in a rally Bug, one that raced against his dad back in the day. Except, instead of 200 horsepower, it has 600 ponies.

Button goes out in the thing and, well, just has fun. No pressure, no speculation. No money or sponsors or tabloids. No B.S. Dude is relaxed, hooning around and laughing. It’s vintage Button, the one we all liked so much when he won the Driver’s Championship in 2009. And it’s refreshing.