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The Last Dodge Challenger to Race in NASCAR Is up for Sale

The best offer over $45,000 would let you win Christmas for a Dodge superfan.

This year marked the end of the road for the Dodge Challenger in NASCAR. After this season, it will no longer be legal to keep running the last remaining Dodge in NASCAR’s second-tier Xfinity Series. While that’s a bummer for Dodge fans, it could be your opportunity to pick up a cool piece of oddball stock car history. The last Dodge in NASCAR is now up for sale. 

MBM Motorsports ran its Dodge Challenger through the 2018 season, but since they won’t be able to keep racing it next year, the team announced on Twitter that it’s up for sale. 

The best offer over $45,000 will get the car with its R6 Dodge NASCAR engine still installed, just as it was when it came off the track. All you’ll need to shake ‘n’ bake is a new seat. 

The weird history of this car should be enough to get it prime billing at vintage racing weekends everywhere—because you’re going to keep running this car, right? Right. (I’ll personally haunt your remaining days if you let this wonderful race-tuned Mopar V8 sit quiet, never to assault any eardrums again.) 

MBM Motorsports

Dodge officially pulled out of NASCAR’s top three series in 2012. A body change for the top-tier Cup series meant that the Dodges weren’t eligible to keep running there, but the rules remained stable to keep running Dodges (albeit without any support from Dodge) in the Xfinity and Trucks series. 

MBM Motorsports’ Challenger was the very last holdout, and it held on to the bitter end. Next year, the Xfinity series will move from metal to composite bodies, so the Challenger will no longer be eligible to keep running. That’s a full six years past its expiration date! 

The team even added, “Thanks, Dodge, we will miss you” to the hood of the car for its final race at Homestead-Miami. 

Don’t let that be its final checkered flag. Buy it, and run NASCAR’s infamous “Zombie Dodge” to your heart’s content. 

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