Watch These Vintage Racers Blast Through Monza at Night

Glimpses of Group B and classic racing are brought back with this footage.

With the cult following of historic racing being so popular, it’s no surprise to see a star-studded event like this. Many enthusiasts who own noteworthy cars like the Lancia 037 and Porsche 911 RSR in this video are part of a tight knit group, and lucky for us, they all like to hit the track together from time to time. This video captures a group of noteworthy vintage cars racing through the night at the legendary Monza circuit, spitting plenty of flames  across the track.

This was part of the Monza Historic Rally, an event that brings together cars that raced in all different series and eras. There’s a broad array of cars ranging from the classic Mazda RX-7 to the Lancia Delta Integrale, which all show what they’ve got through a host of slalom courses and chicanes. It strings together a list of interesting cars that were especially innovative during the time including the pioneering of forced induction and all-wheel drive.

For many, this is far better than any Concours event. Although museum-quality cars are astonishing and often worth a fortune, seeing classic racers in action more than makes up for a few bumps and scratches. It’s easier to envision how these machines were in their heyday when you see them tossed around the track.

Watch, and, more importantly, listen to them as they dance around Monza through the night. There’s no shortage of theatrics in this footage, either, so put your headphones on and enjoy.