Audi’s Holiday Campaign Pairs Performance with Parking Lot Pitfalls

Driving an RS3 and RS7 during the holiday season is as stressful as you’d think.

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED Nov 22, 2017 8:56 AM
Audi’s Holiday Campaign Pairs Performance with Parking Lot Pitfalls

Oh how we loathe the holiday season—or rather, the holiday shopping season. If you manage to survive the horrors of Thanksgiving, we advise you to stay inside for another month. If you venture out of your shelter in early December, you'll almost immediately be thrust into a war zone, also known as a mall parking lot. 

One of Audi's newest commercials navigates the frustrations of finding a parking spot during the holidays with a pair of all-wheel drive sport sedans. Two exasperated (but well-off) fathers armed with an RS3 and RS7 must face off to claim the last space in a packed mall parking lot. The winner's reward is seeing his little one's face on Christmas morning (or Hanukkah) light up at his or her new toy.

The V8-powered RS7 might have a 200-horsepower advantage over the 3's paltry 5-cylinder engine, but the RS3 gets points for being able to squeeze into tight spots and zip around the claustrophobic parking structure with ease. In the end though, the audience wins, as we get to watch and listen to some lovely performance sedans duke it out. Both Audi owners honestly should have just bought their stuff from Amazon, but we aren't complaining.

Audi's commercial has already become somewhat of an internet sensation, garnering more than 6.6 million Youtube views in just a few days, making it Audi USA's second most popular video to date.