Watch John Cena Take Delivery of His New Ford GT

Christmas came early for the WWE star, actor, and car nerd.

It’s now common knowledge that wrestler-turned-actor John Cena is a huge car nut, who now has his own Youtube show called Auto Geek where he talks about his growing car collection. The video series isn’t merely to flaunt his huge garage of expensive cars–– Cena uses his platform to teach casual viewers about the importance of each vehicle and explain why he bought them.

John Cena announced a new addition to the family in the most recent Auto Geek episode, a 2017 Ford GT in Liquid Blue. We’re assuming he picked up the car to fill the garage space left by the departure of his “Lamborgreeni” Gallardo. Mr. Cena gives us an overview of the GT right at the dealership where he picked it up and talks us through it on the way home, a rare treat. 

Most people would agree with Cena’s opinion that the iconic, exposed buttresses and taillight-mounted air ducts are the best features of the car. He also loves the carbon fiber body that helps the car weigh just 3,000 pounds even with a pro-wrestler in the driver’s seat, and the fact that Ford chose to use a 647-horsepower, turbocharged V6 instead of an American V8. If John Cena’s on board with two less cylinders, we should be too. 

The process for obtaining one of Ford’s new supercars is quite exclusive, and John Cena is part of a select-few to receive one. To be eligible, customers must have a sizable social media following, must already be a loyal Ford customer, and must promise not to flip the car. As The Auto Geek, Cena meets all of these prerequisites, having owned at least 2 other Fords in the past including a 2006 GT.

Cena’s enthusiasm when picking up his new GT is quite contagious, and we’re excited to see what he brings home next.