Get Nostalgic With This Retrospective Teaser for the New Honda Gold Wing

We’re a step closer to confirmation of a much-needed update of Honda’s big touring bike.

byEric Brandt|
Get Nostalgic With This Retrospective Teaser for the New Honda Gold Wing


We’ve speculated about new patents and seen some leaked images, but now we’re a step closer to an actual confirmation from Honda about a much-needed refresh to the iconic Gold Wing touring bike. 

Honda has been selling the same GL1800 with few significant changes since 2001 and it’s starting to get outpaced by some fierce competition. The tired GL1800 Gold Wing is losing its relevance in a segment it used to dominate.

Having been around since 1975, the Honda Gold Wing has grown quite the following thanks to its power, smoothness, style, and long-distance comfort. For decades, it’s been a top choice for touring bikes.

Honda teased the next-gen Gold Wing with the video below, showing a montage of the beloved tourer throughout the decades. It uses footage from old advertisements showing the bikes doing exactly what they were made to do. They’re being enjoyed in presumably long trips through scenic landscapes, often with passengers.

It’s a great video, but it gets a bit depressing when the video takes us through the 2000’s and the 2010’s showing off...basically the same bike that’s for sale today. It’s a sore reminder of how long-in-the-tooth the current Gold Wing has become.

The video closes with the line “43 years and millions of miles later, we can’t stop wondering what lies beyond.” What exactly are you wondering, Honda? You’re the one making the new bike. Anyhow, then it tells us to “Discover #WhatLiesBeyond” giving us a date of Oct. 10, leading us to assume the new Gold Wing will be unveiled in a couple weeks ahead of the Milan Motorcycle Show.

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