Watch This 4,000 Horsepower Firebird Destroy the Drag Strip

This Firebird is a few horsepower away from taking flight.

1320 Video

James "Birdman" Finny is arguably the most feared man in the no-prep drag racing circuit. He is currently rocking a 4,000 horsepower  572 Hemi V8 that can rip unreal drag times when the track is sticky enough. As you can see in the video below, the massive Firebird struggled a couple times to make a straight line, but Birdman kept things in order and ended up winning a hefty sum of money at the end of the night.

Unfortunately, it is hard to figure out real drag times from the video, but we know they are neck-snapping quarter miles. From the looks of it, Birdman is very much in his prime and running a great car at the moment. If anyone knows more about the build, please leave some information in the comments below as this Firebird is a force to be reckoned with.