Watch a Russian Plane Land Zoom Down a Road and Crash Directly Into a Van

Some people are just plane crazy.

byRob Stumpf|
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Russians undoubtedly have the best dash cam videos around. Today, we've graduated from dash cams and went straight to the biggest plague of the 21st century—vertical video. But not to worry, the content makes up for it.

Let's imagine you're traveling down a Russian road, minding your own business. Your dash cams are rolling and you're carefree jamming out to Americanized pop music. To your surprise, something veers into your lane. It's not another car, it's not a tank, but it's an airplane propelling down the road, preparing to take off. One car gets the right idea immediately and parks on the shoulder of the road to avoid the impending doom. Another two cars pass the stopped vehicle and quickly realize what's headed towards them. They swerve to the side of the road (but don't stop) and into view comes a small plane.

The plane lifts is front wheel into the air, determined to take off. By the time it reaches the cammer, the rear wheels begin their ascent. The tail of the plane can be heard scraping the pavement, followed by a loud crunching - the sound of a plane rear-ending a van parked on the side of the road. A gentleman standing next to the van stumbles out of the way and narrowly misses what could have been a terminal impact. The loud motor affixed to the propeller goes silent amid the clattering of metal against metal.

The context leading up to this video is over my head, it's certainly a unique situation. After all, it's not every day that an airplane makes its way onto the road. No word on the condition of the pilot, or if the man in the video was the driver of the van—but we're hoping that everyone came out unscathed.

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