Corvette Owner Nearly Gets Knocked Out Trying To Save Flooded Car

Talk about having a bad 4th of July.

You decide to take your beautiful Chevrolet Corvette C4 out for a leisurely drive on 4th of July and the rain starts to pick up. You continue driving but end up getting stuck in flood waters. This could happen to anyone and its an occurrence we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. Packing a 5.7-liter V8, the Corvette C4 was a blast and beloved by many of us, up until it becomes submerged. 

In attempts to recover the Chevy Corvette, either the owner (or tow truck driver according to the video) appears to be fidgeting with driver’s side rear wheel well. All of a sudden, tons of wood debris comes crashing down on the hood nearly knocking the lady out. The lady immediately backs away, looks up, and most likely takes a deep breath as she realizes how crappy her current situation is.

The only reason we are more inclined to think she is the owner over a tow truck driver is her outfit brakes a fair amount of Department of Transportation rules