Watch a 1000-HP, Turbo V8-Powered Mitsubishi Evo Run an 8.9-Second Quarter Mile

This Evo VIII appears to have just one purpose alone—to annihilate drag times.


Strip a car, cage it, drop a turbocharged LS V8 under the hood, and call it a day. Sometimes, when watching drag clips, it seems like those things are pretty much all owners have to do to create one hell of an impressive drag car. Though there are a couple other things that are also vital to making a car launch well, when watching drag videos—like the one below of the sub-9-second Mitsubishi Evo VII—everything just looks so easy and effortless. 

If you follow the Facebook page for this car and its Polish builder, you'll see that this Evo VIII has recieved a ton of modifications (and continues to be developed) in order to push the car faster and faster down the drag strip in the quarter mile. Currently, it's powered by a turbocharged 5.3-liter LSx V8 engine with an 88-mm turbo attached, which pushes power to all four wheels through a three-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to all of that, the car was able to manage to fire off an 8.973-second quarter mile at 153.21 miles per hour, according to Engine Swap Depot.

Quick, yes?