Which Cars Can You Buy Now and Drive For Free?

Well not completely free, but here are a few ideas to help guide your next Craigslist impulse buy.

byMike Spinelli|


It’s become quite a parlor trick to soothsay, unto the automotive faithful, which cars will be the next great collectables. In fact, for anyone outside the auction business, it’s largely a waste of time. But we like to do it anyway, because it’s fun.

For us, the "best cars to buy now" is more about finding cars we can buy, have fun with, and sell, and in the end breaking even, or perhaps making a few bucks. At the very least the point is to not lose our shirts.

On this week’s AFTER/DRIVE, we look at some potential picks for which cars to BUY NOW. Of course, this is in no way as scientific as, say Hagerty’s recent list of classic cars to buy in 2017.

Of course, don’t run out and buy all the Jaguar XJRs because we say so (though I do love XJRs, for reasons rational and irrational), but do list your own picks in the comments and we’ll keep the discussion going.