You Can Now Buy Official Harley-Davidson Gear and Apparel on Amazon

H-D is saving you a trip to the dealer for your next t-shirt.

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It just got a little easier to get your hands on Harley-Davidson t-shirts, jackets, and more with a new Amazon storefront for the Milwaukee brand. As part of its “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” effort to make the brand more accessible to more people, H-D is making its gear and apparel more digitally available rather than being exclusive to dealers that might not be getting as much foot traffic as they used to. It’s not a bad idea since pretty much only Harley people to go Harley dealers, but just about everyone shops on Amazon.

The three different collections of apparel Harley-Davidson is offering on Amazon are: The 1903 Collection, which as you might guess, is very vintage inspired; The Garage Collection, which is simple and understated; the Genuine Motorclothes, which is a mix of actual riding gear, casual apparel, and accessories like hats and wallets—available with chains, of course.

“We live in an on-demand, anywhere, anytime business environment where success depends on the ability to meet consumers on their turf and on their terms, “said Heather Malenshek, senior vice president of marketing and brand for Harley-Davidson Motor Company. “The reach Amazon offers is critical to building stronger customer relationships, inspiring new people and creating an integrated online and in-dealership retail experience – all of which leads to profitable growth and a stronger brand.”

It sounds like H-D is trying to reinvigorate itself as a lifestyle brand on top of being a motorcycle brand. Another part of the “More Roads” plan is to put up more physical storefronts for greater exposure in places like shopping malls. The idea is if non-riders buy a t-shirt, it might make them more interested in learning how to ride and buy a motorcycle from Harley-Davidson. It will be interesting to see if the idea translates into more motorcycle sales.