Matt Farah Is Back With /TUNED and the Perfect BMW 2002

The first new episode of /TUNED tackles an icon.

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That's right, everyone—Matt Farah and /TUNED are back, for a whole new season of the Internet's favorite automotive tuning show. On this season premiere episode, /TUNED is diving into the wayback machine to take a look at one particularly nice example of one of the iconic cars of the 1970s—the BMW 2002.

But while it may look stock at first glance, this BMW 2002 is anything but. (This is /TUNED you're watching, after all.) It's a restomod, whipped up by Clarion Builds of Cypress, CA. The body is a frame-off restoration, but beneath that sexy vintage skin lies the heart and soul of a modern-day track animal. Every inch, every micron of this Bimmer has been fixed up, tweaked, and improved. The end result: A BMW that combines the best of past and present to create, shall we say, the ultimate driving experience.

So kick back, pop open a can of your favorite beverage, and enjoy eight and a half minutes of some of the best car programming on the web. You've earned it.

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