Watch a Tree Miraculously Save a Racing Drone From a High-Speed Crash

As a rule, crashing a drone into a tree is a bad thing. Not this time.

Howard Hughes famously noticed that, without a point of reference (clouds for example), flying doesn't look all that fast or spectacular. UAVfutures low-proximity view gives us an amazing perspective as to how blazingly fast he's flying ... until he got a little too low. Twenty-one seconds into this thirty(ish)-second video, he drifts down, and eventually wipes out. 

If you fly quads, a lot of these types of moments don't register until it's too late. Your video feed cuts out immediately, and it ends with a yard sale, your parts strewn around the ground and half and hour of search-and-rescue for your favorite colored prop nuts. (Pro tip: I've used high-powered magnet zip-tied to a rake; it actually worked). That is, unless you have a nearby tree that's been training to join the MLB and inspired to make one of the best comebackers of all time. This video ends with the quad safely nestled in a few branches, seemingly unscathed. 

UAVFutures wrote that the quad was "totally fine and ready to finish the battery." We think he should play the numbers tonight, because that type of luck doesn't come around often.