Lexus Debuts an LC-Based Racecar and Tesla Makes Autopilot Interactive: The Evening Rush

Plus, the perfect fly-fishing kit and canned lattes from La Colombe.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Aug 29, 2016 9:59 PM
Lexus Debuts an LC-Based Racecar and Tesla Makes Autopilot Interactive: The Evening Rush

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Jumping your old Jeep Cherokee can be fun, but sending your truck 379 feet through the air is just insane. Red Bull’s Bryce Menzie jumped his trophy truck that distance over a ghost town outside San Diego, California.

Lexus has released images of their 2017 LC-based race car. The Lexus LC coupe provides the shell for the car, which will be competing in the Japanese touring series Super GT in 2017 season as the LC GT500. In order to follow race regulations, the LC GT500 will be powered by a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder.

Tesla is adjusting their Autopilot feature to force drivers to pull over and restart autopilot if the system notices they are not paying enough attention. After numerous verbal and display warnings, Tesla will deactivate the Autopilot system and will force drivers to pull over before they can reactivate it. One of the ways drivers can keep the system running is by frequently being in contact with the steering wheel.


Topo Designs and Tankara Rod Co have come together to create the ultimate fly rod kit. Capable of holding all your fly-fishing gear, this compact kit fits snuggly around your waste so all your flies, lines and clippers are within easy reach.

TOPO Designs

Coffee in a can is definitely a perk of the new cold brew trend. La Colombe has recently released a Triple Draft Latte that is portable, delicious and only $2.50.


Today’s beer pick cycles back to LIC Beer Project in Long Island City, New York. This young brewery has been self-distributing and making a name for itself since 2013. Do yourself a favor, go check out their awesome tap room before we feature them a third time.

LIC Beer Project

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