MyChevrolet App Now Available on the Apple Watch

Now everyone can control their own Batmobile.

byMax Goldberg|
MyChevrolet App Now Available on the Apple Watch


The Apple Watch is all about making everyday life more streamlined and the MyChevrolet App follows the same ethos. Now the two bits of technology have come together as the MyChevrolet App has become available on the Apple Watch.

Currently, 1.4 million Chevrolet owners utilize the MyChevrolet app on a regular basis via their smartphone. Converting this technology to the Apple Watch allows users to easily check their car's diagnostics, start & stop the engine, control the climate, unlock the doors and much more. For example, you are on a first date that is going south, just tap your Apple Watch and get the Silverado nice a cold after you tell your date "my dog is sick." 

The MyChevrolet app has been a huge hit for Chevrolet and the most popular models utilizing the app are the Silverado, Malibu and Equinox. To put things into context, the MyChevrolet app has already been used 8.5 million times in 2017 by Malibu owners alone.