One of Electric GT’s Tesla Model S Race Cars Crashed on Track

Electric GT’s stripped-down Model S ended its track day with a bang.

byRob Stumpf|
One of Electric GT’s Tesla Model S Race Cars Crashed on Track

Later this year, Electric GT will begin to host an all-electric Tesla racing championship. Since announced, the team has been developing and testing its Teslas to compete in the upcoming circuit races. Last week, track testing began at a French track, Circuit Pau-Arnos, which EGT began to call its headquarters. Unfortunately, only 28 hours later, the team then abruptly announced the demise of one of its cars.

Electric GT has been publicly developing a Tesla Model S P100D since mid-January. The high capacity electric luxury car would serve to be the ideal platform for EGT to base its championship series on—even more so than the P85+ that was originally set to become the race car. And, even stock, the P100D was properly quick with a 2.39-second 0-60 time. Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter and suggested a stripped-down version could match the same speed in 2.1 seconds. 

So EGT took the 4,950-pound electric sedan and reduced its overall weight by about 22 percent, bringing the final weight to around 3,850 pounds. The bulk of the weight was removed by gutting the interior and creating bio-composite panels; however, braking and suspension components were replaced as well.

But fear not. Although it may be sad to see a Tesla go the way of the wall, it was a prototype P85 that met its maker, not a P100D. (Why EGT is still testing the P85 is not clear.)

Electric GT will gear up for its first circuit race on November 25th, 2017.