Robert Kubica Getting 2 Tests With Williams, Reports Say

In addition to seat time, rumor has it that Kubica’s already had some more simulator time, with yet another team.

byJames Gilboy| UPDATED Oct 4, 2017 10:32 PM
Robert Kubica Getting 2 Tests With Williams, Reports Say

There's no debating that Robert Kubica is one of the most romanticized, revered, and risky drivers on the market for a 2018 race seat. The recipient of multiple test sessions with Renault, Kubica has been evaluated by both Renault and Williams for a potential return to Formula 1. With the Renault seat occupied by Carlos Sainz Jr. next season, Kubica's focus turned to Williams, who, according to both the BBC and F1i, is planning a two-stage test in the team's 2014 car at Silverstone late this month. 

Paul di Resta is claimed to be driving one stage of the test, with Kubica driving the other, with di Resta's results to be used as the standard for Kubica to beat.

The BBC reports that the Silverstone test will precede a later test, at the Hungaroring, and that di Resta's purpose in the Silverstone test is to serve as a gauntlet for Kubica. His odds are considered unfavorable by the BBC, which claims that the real decision is between Felipe Massa and Robert Kubica.

The Drive contacted Williams regarding these rumors, but a spokesperson stated that the team will add no fuel to the fire of rumors whilst the evaluations are in progress.

Another door has reportedly opened to Kubica, too, should the Williams seat slip through his fingers. Another F1i report claims that Kubica visited Red Bull Racing, of all places, for a session in the team's simulator, at the behest of Renault.

It is alleged that Kubica beat the simulator times of both Ricciardo and Verstappen, but this news has us scratching our heads, and not just because it would mean Kubica's still a top talent after a near seven-year hiatus from the sport. 

The Drive reached out to Red Bull Racing for comment, but a team spokesperson declined to make a statement.