Best Header Wraps: Cover Your Exhaust With One of These Top Picks

These exhaust wraps are great options for car enthusiasts

byJordan Quinn Farkas| UPDATED Dec 11, 2020 9:39 AM
Best Header Wraps: Cover Your Exhaust With One of These Top Picks

As every automobile enthusiast knows, details matter. But how much thought are you currently putting into your header wrap? It’s easy to forget about your exhaust until it's rattling and spewing clouds of smoke. A good header wrap will make a huge difference to your vehicle. Header wraps not only add cosmetic value but also reduce engine compartment heat. Check out the best options in our buying guide.

Best Header Wraps (Review & Buying Guide) 2020

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When it comes to the best overall combination of quality, functionality, and durability, the Design Engineering Titanium Exhaust Heat Wrap with LR Technology is our hands-down favorite. This exhaust wrap is super simple to install and is engineered to be stronger and more durable than many other wraps on the market thanks to its improved thermal performance and reliability. The DEI Titanium wrap can withstand temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit of intermittent heat. 

Available in Titanium or Black Titanium color options and multiple lengths, it’s easy to get the ideal wrap to suit your needs. The special webbing design promotes increased airflow to improve performance, reduce temperatures, and inhibit vibration breakdown. For a tight and secure wrap, it’s very pliable and boasts a high resistance to oil spills and abrasions. While this warp is pricier than some others on the market, its high-quality construction and universal fit make it our favorite overall choice. 

If you’re in the market for a reliable header wrap that won’t break the bank, check out the SunplusTrade Heat Wrap Roll for Car and Motorcycle Fiberglass Heat Shield. This budget-friendly fiberglass wrap comes in as a package of 50 feet of 2-inch wrap and is a great value that can withstand direct heat up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and intermittent heat of up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

This exhaust heat wrap can reduce under-the-hood heat up to 50 percent thanks to its durable and tough fiberglass construction. Being fiberglass, however, it requires soaking prior to application and should be handled with gloves to avoid any slivers of glass getting into your skin and causing itching or irritation. This heat wrap also comes with six 12-inch stainless steel locking zip ties for precise installation. 

When it comes to premium quality construction, it’s tough to beat the Liberrway Exhaust Heat Wrap. This exhaust wrap is uniquely designed from pulverized lava rock and fiberglass, which reduces the heat under your hood by as much as 50 percent, greatly improving the performance and reliability of your car or motorcycle. It’s designed to withstand direct heat of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit and intermittent heat of 2,000 degrees. It offers high resistance to the breakdown of components due to vibration, searing temperatures, oil spills, and abrasions. 

This heat wrap is one of the more pliable exhaust wraps on the market, allowing you to achieve a secure and tight wrap that will improve your horsepower performance and extend the life of your vehicle’s exhaust and other custom applications. The kit includes two rolls of 50 feet of 2-inch wide wrap that is 1/16-inches thick, 20 stainless steel zip ties, and a pair of protective gloves to avoid fiberglass splinters during application. One of our favorite things about this header wrap is its included one year warranty.

If you’re looking for a versatile header wrap that is suitable for multiple applications, the Ledaut Heat Shield Insulation is an excellent option. This heat shield is constructed from a combination of crushed volcanic rock and titanium to make it one of the most durable header wraps around. It’s available in 16, 50, or 100-feet rolls, or 50 feet of twill weave roll, giving you plenty of options to suit whatever your needs may be.

The kit includes stainless steel locking zip ties for precise and secure application and it is rated to withstand 1,400 degrees of direct heat and 2,000 degrees of intermittent heat, giving your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat protection for damaging high heats, oil spills, vibrations, and abrasions. It can reduce heat build-up under your hood by up to 50 percent. There is some concern over the fraying of the wrap after prolonged use.

We want to give an honorable mention shout out to the ARTR Titanium Lava Fiber Exhaust Header Wrap Kit. It’s constructed from a combination of titanium and crushed lava rock to give it the ultimate in heat protection and durability. This rugged header wrap can tolerate direct temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees and intermittent heat of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Add to that a very affordable price tag and a stylish design and you have a high-quality, well-rounded product. 

This heat wrap is a universal application and includes stainless steel zip ties for securing it neatly and tightly. If you have horse clamps instead of zip ties, those will provide a tighter, more secure seal. It should also be noted that this heat wrap requires soaking in water prior to installation and you should wear gloves to avoid itchiness and irritation to the skin caused during application.


  • Check reviews before making a purchase. Reading about someone else’s experience with a product can save you a lot of trouble or guide you in a better direction.
  • If you chose a fiberglass option, ensure that you have gloves. Fiberglass, if handled improperly, can cause serious bodily injury. Make sure you know what you’re doing or consult a professional if necessary.
  • Whichever header wrap you choose, make sure to read the instructions and follow them exactly. Fitting your header wrap properly isn’t very hard, but it does require some level of precision.


Q: Why is it a good idea to reduce underhood temperatures in a vehicle?

A: Reducing the underhood temperature protects against burns and helps to prevent starter and plug wires from coming into contact with hot header pipes. Reducing underhood temperatures also helps your vehicle run better by increasing exhaust cycle efficiency.

Q: Can I fit a header wrap myself?

A: Yes. However, if you are unsure where to start, YouTube videos like this one are a great resource: "The Original" TITANIUM Exhaust Wrap Installation.

Q: Do I need tools to install a header wrap?

A: Depending on the type of header wrap you’re installing, certain tools may be required. For the most part, a pair of gloves and zip ties or hose clamps are more than enough.

Final Thoughts

The best header wrap depends on your budget. The DEI Titanium exhaust wrap wins hands-down for its easy installation, but if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Sunplus Trade Exhaust Heat Wrap offers fantastic value for the money.