Ford’s Extended Warranty Plans

A look at Ford’s extensive extended service plans

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Loyal Ford owners tend to keep their vehicles for years, long after the factory warranty expires. When the original manufacturer's coverage expires, these owners are faced with the choice of extending the warranty through the Ford Motor Company, buying a third-party warranty, or just skipping the warranty coverage altogether. 

If you find yourself looking at an expired factory warranty and want to see what Ford has to replace the coverage, here’s a look at the company’s main extended service plans for a genuine Ford extended warranty.

Warranty At-A-Glance

  • Available Coverage Terms: 5,000-, 7,500-, and 10,000-mile intervals
  • Coverage Limit: 8 years/150,000 miles
  • Eligibility Requirements: Under 41 months old and 41,000 miles


  • Different coverage options to personalize the service plan
  • Good coverage on wear items for extra peace of mind
  • Some routine services like oil changes are covered


  • Relatively strict eligibility requirements
  • Limited roadside assistance

Better Extended Coverage

Don’t just rely on the factory warranty. New or used, there’s a great extended warranty with one of these providers:


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Offering more comprehensive coverage on repairs and services OEM warranties list in exclusions, an Endurance warranty actually provides the type of coverage many disappointed vehicle owners assume automakers just include automatically. 

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Warranty In-Depth

Ford offers a number of extended service plans that replicate the coverage of a factory warranty to some extent while giving customers extra perks. The way the company has designed its service plan lineup is to cater to different vehicle owner needs. Since all owners are different, there’s probably a plan that will get close to meeting these unique needs.


As the baseline service plan in Ford’s Protect lineup, the PowertrainCARE plan offers barebones coverage for the most important parts of a vehicle. The plan is meant for vehicle owners who don’t need much or have a limited budget to afford extended coverage. Within the plan, the main component inclusions are engine, transmission, and drivetrain components that require some maintenance or repair work as a vehicle ages. In total, there are around 29 components covered.


Another inclusion-based service plan, the BaseCARE option is a step above the PowertrainCARE and offers more coverage for some complex systems like the A/C and heating systems. In particular, this coverage includes components that make up the automatic temperature control system found on many high-end Ford models and trims. Most of the component coverage includes the basic powertrain parts covered by the PowertrainCARE plan as well. 


This is the first service plan that starts to include non-critical components that are just as likely to wear down or fail in a vehicle’s normal service lifespan. High-tech systems are a particular focus of this plan, covering electronic parts like the instrument cluster, keyless entry system, power door locks, power seat motors, speed controls, and more.


The PremiumCARE plan is where the most comprehensive coverage is to be found in Ford’s Protect lineup. The service plan includes coverage for over a thousand components, including all of the major parts covered by the more affordable service plans as well. Working like an extensive inclusionary warranty, the PremiumCARE plan has expansive coverage for high-tech systems like the GPS navigation, SYNC connection system, keyless entry, rear console registration, and more. 

Other Coverage

For specific components that fall outside of the inclusionary lists of the main service plans, Ford offers additional coverage options for an extra price. For example, you can cover tires (TireCARE), dents (DentCARE), and the windshield (WindshieldCARE) separately with individual plans. There’s also a single plan, the TripleCARE option, that combines all three.

Finally, Ford offers a separate maintenance plan that covers the costs of all factory-recommended services necessary for preventive and routine work. 

An old, rusted Ford truck

There is a certain age and level of damage that no Ford warranty will cover

What We Like

Ford has taken an extended warranty approach that is similar to many third-party providers that offer more options and value to customers. Instead of just extending the actual factory warranty for a few more years or miles, the service plan approach gives customers more options to choose from.

We like the tiered approach Ford uses with its service plans since it allows the owner to choose the right level of coverage. If you have a vehicle that lacks advanced systems, the basic powertrain plan will probably be enough. Have a top-of-the-line Ford? PremiumCARE will probably be the better option.

The additional plans are also good for providing a-la-carte coverage where you can pick and choose which wear or incidental coverage you want. The inclusion of the premium maintenance plan potentially has the largest promise of savings since routine maintenance services are far more common than defect correction or incidental repair work. 

What We Don’t Like

It’s unfortunate that Ford separates a lot of the coverage for maintenance and wear items from the main service plans. As a result, the true cost-saving portions of the Ford Protect lineup are left as add-ons. The main bulk of the extended service plans, on the other hand, just mimic the same factory coverage to one extent or another. 

The increase of covered components as you go up the tiered plans is also skewed. Comparing the 113 components of the ExtraCARE plan versus the 1,000+ components under the PremiumCARE plan, for example, shows that there’s a big gap between the two. For the average vehicle owner, the PremiumCARE plan will almost always be the better option just because of its comprehensive coverage. 

Common Repair Costs

Some of the most common issues and repair costs with Ford vehicles:

  • Ford Explorer: Oil Pan Gasket Replacement ($875 to $1,068)
  • Ford F-250: AC Condenser Replacement ($538 to $698)
  • Ford Focus: Radiator Hose Replacement ($283 to $321)
  • Ford Edge: Power Seat Motor Replacement ($579 to $614)


Q. Can I get an extended warranty for a used Ford I just bought?

A. If the Ford isn’t too old (generally under four years of age), you most likely can purchase an extended service plan. Some dealerships will require a vehicle inspection if they aren’t selling the vehicle directly. If the factory warranty still exists, you shouldn’t have any issues buying the extended plan as well.

Q. Is the genuine Ford warranty transferable?

A. Generally, yes. There is generally a fee to do so (which varies by state), and you’ll have to call the Ford customer service department to begin the process.

Q. How much does the Ford extended service plan cost?

A. This depends on the Protect plan you choose and your individual vehicle. There is no set price for all customers and vehicles.

Is Ford’s Warranty Worth It?

It’s hard to go wrong when you have some choices to pick when selecting an extended warranty or service plan. Skipping the basic factory warranty extension, Ford has created some warranty variety for its customers, making it more valuable than some of its competitors. 

As a result, its service plans are definitely worth a look if your Ford factory extended warranty is about to expire. You may have to do some more research or speak with a Ford representative to find the right plan, but outside of a quality third-party provider, the Ford Protect extended service plan is your best bet for adequate coverage.

More Information

Here are a few more resources you can use:

Get More Protection

It doesn’t take much to get good coverage for your vehicle. Check out these great extended warranty providers:


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You don’t have to rely on the automaker to give you vehicle coverage that actually saves you money. In fact, most factory extended warranties fall short of customer expectations.

A plan with Endurance, on the other hand, is much more comprehensive. As the top warranty provider, according to Consumer Advocates, Consumer Affairs, and Retirement Living, Endurance can cover things far beyond factory defects and flaws. So, if you want real coverage, it’s time to check out Endurance.

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