Porsche’s New Video Series Tracks Down The World’s Most Beautiful Roads

In the first installment, we visit Switzerland’s Bernina Pass with travel blogger Courtney Scott.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche’s New Video Series Tracks Down The World’s Most Beautiful Roads

Porsche has a new video series coming at you via YouTube in what appears to be weekly installments. The series is hosted by travel blogger Courtney Scott, who is around to tell us all about the various gorgeous driving roads of the world from the driver's seat of a Macan GTS. When you're in a fun-to-drive Porsche, and the Macan GTS certainly qualifies, you'd expect the route you're taking to be not only a pretty one but to have a bit of substance as well. Porsche has a great first installment with challenging elevation, a few impressive curves, and a few climate changes along the way. The Bernina Pass looks like a phenomenal place to spend a weekend drive. 

In this first video, Porsche and Courtney pay tribute to the Bernina Pass in Switzerland, dubbing it an epic road, as it deserves. This is a ribbon of asphalt that plays well with the gorgeous backdrop of the Alpine spring. The example of the 'blue lake' is one of the prettiest scenes we've ever laid eyes upon, and has us really wishing international travel weren't quite so expensive as it is. We most definitely want to go to there. 

The second video covering the Bernina Pass dispatches with Scott's delicately crafted prose for a simple series of gorgeous and engaging shots of the Macan GTS making the run across the pass. We're sure the Macan's pair of turbochargers help with power as the 7600-foot summit comes into play. It's a bit thin on good combustible air up at that kind of elevation, so force-feeding the engine a bit makes a lot of difference. It's nice to continue to have that boost available because, on a Porsche road like the Bernina Pass, you don't want the fun to stop as the power drops.  

We can't help but wonder what the second most beautiful route is going to be. See you next week, Porsche.