How Does Porsche’s Panamera 4 e-hybrid Stack Up?

The All New Panamera’s PHEV Variant Aces The Tech Test

byBradley Brownell|
How Does Porsche’s Panamera 4 e-hybrid Stack Up?

Porsche's old Panamera was an amazingly capable GT car, capable of driving at a pace well above what its weight and somewhat dumpy looks might indicate. With this new generation Panamera, they've made basically everything you loved about the old one even better, and then improved everything you didn't like (namely the exterior sheetmetal). The new car is bigger, heavier, more powerful, more tech-filled, more comfortable, prettier, faster, quicker, and hell, why not, better on track. With so many improvements, the new Panamera is sure to be an even bigger sales success than its predecessor. 

Carfection took a Panamera e-hybrid out for a long drive to test out how well it works on the road, while testing out some of the new technology, the newly revamped 8-speed PDK transmission, and the new 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 (which, when combined with the electric motor, puts out 462 horsepower). The numbers on this car are pretty impressive, with a 4.4 second 0-60 sprint, and can drive more than 30 miles on electric power only. The new center console screen is more than 10". The new Burmeister optional audio is said to be even better than it was before. Of course, all of this sporty and luxury comes at a cost, namely a $100,000 price tag. 

If you need to carry four people in comfort, you occasionally want to go really fast, and you really like Porsche's "Acid Green" calipers, then the Panamera 4 e-hybrid might be the one for you. This car will fight in the same market as the Tesla Model S, but will win over buyers still struggling with EV-only range anxiety. Watch the video for more.