How Is A Porsche Panamera Like A GoPro?

No, it isn't the setup for a joke, just ask GoPro founder Nick Woodman

In our eyes, the metaphor seems a little forced, but Nick is a Porsche fan, a self-funded racing driver, and a multi-millionaire, so who are we to judge? Woodman, founder of the California-based action camera company GoPro, equates the generation over generation, year over year development of his cameras to Porsche’s history of doing similar with their cars. Each Porsche continues to develop, push the boundaries of what you think is possible for a sports car/SUV/CUV/luxury sedan, while evoking a lineage that reaches all the way back to the very first generation.

Porsche has always produced sporty cars, GoPro has always produced small action sports cameras of a quality expected of cameras with much larger bodies (well, since 2002 that is), and both companies have been bigtime innovators in their respective industries. Perhaps the metaphor isn’t as forced as we first thought. It is still a slight difficulty to equate Woodman’s action cam success to Doctor Porsche’s, but we’ll let him have this moment to shine. 

Lord only knows that the Panamera is far more capable than its full-sized sedan body might belie, and we use GoPro’s Hero nearly every day to help us capture 4K quality video from a camera that fits in the size of your palm. Our Hero Session 5 is an awesome little piece. Where the Panamera is much bigger than you expect given its performance, the GoPro is just the opposite, and that, we suppose, makes them more alike than different. 

Though this is just a 2 minute video, we’re left wondering if this is an advertisement for Porsche’s Panamera or GoPro’s “Karma Quadcopter” drone. Maybe that’s the point? Tell us what you think in the comments below.