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Ellen Visits The Porsche Experience Center In Carson, California

This week on Ellen, everyone learns how fun PECLA can be

Did you know Ellen DeGeneres is kind of a Porsche enthusiast? I mean, aside from the fact that she’s married to a woman named Portia, she has been known to regularly drive Porsche sports cars as daily rides. Perhaps because of this, but more likely because of her average of 3.9 million viewers per episode, Ellen was invited by Porsche to their Experience Center in Carson for a day of driving. She started off with a tutorial lap from one of the Experience Center’s instructors in a brand new Panamera 4S e-Hybrid, did a lap of her own in a 991.2 Carrera, did some off roading in a new Cayenne, and ended the day on “the kickplate” with a 718 Cayman. Of course, the segment wouldn’t be complete without a tour of the facilities. 

It’s obvious that Porsche wanted to reach out to Ellen’s fanbase, but it was done in a fun and inviting way that should speak to them. I don’t know how many of those millions of viewers are rushing out to buy a new Porsche today because of it, but it’s entirely possible that there were a few. I wouldn’t be surprised if one stay-at-homer said to their significant other “Honey, did you know Porsche makes an SUV now?” because of this segment on Ellen. More than that, there were probably some existing Porsche owners who were not aware of the Porsche Experience Centers in Atlanta and now Carson, and might have booked a trip because of it. I have yet to go there, and this video just reaffirmed to me that I need to make that happen. It seems like a really cool place. 

You can watch the full segment below via the Ellen TV Facebook page