Is Porsche’s Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo The Greatest Wagon Ever?

Autocar seems to think it's all that and a fish & chips.

Have you ever needed a five-place wagon with a Porsche badge and a 3.8 second 0-60 time? You’re in luck, because the Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo now exists. “It looks better than the standard car [Panamera], it’s more useable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it“. That seems like high praise from Autocar’s reviewer here in this video. He goes on to say that the car is more of a big GT car than an “estate” car, which has always seemed to be the case with the Panamera, and we didn’t really expect that to change with a slightly adjusted roofline. The car likely has a bit more weight up top, and it can now seat three abreast in the rear seats, but otherwise it must be more or less the same as a traditional Panamera driving experience. 

We absolutely adore the Panamera Turbo and it’s ability to gobble up highway miles without hesitation. It’s the kind of car you really have to be careful with, as it produces extra legal speeds with such effortless ease that you could easily find yourself in handcuffs if you stay on the loud pedal too long. With almost 550 horsepower under your right foot, that’s hardly a surprising statement. 

What do you say? Do you need a Porsche with a hatchback that is a little lower to the ground than a Macan or Cayenne? Do you need to go for the full caffeine Turbo version of the Sport Turismo? At that point, why wouldn’t you?