Porsche Discovers Another Excellent Driving Road In Vietnam

If you’re going to drive the Full Moon Parade Road in Vietnam, bring a Porsche.

byBradley Brownell|
Porsche Discovers Another Excellent Driving Road In Vietnam

Once again Porsche has teamed up with travel blogger Courtney Scott for the third installment of this video series dedicated to finding the world's most epic roads. While they've visited Switzerland and South Africa before, this time it's all about Vietnam. The "Full Moon Parade Road" begins in Hanoi and heads south along the Red River to Hue, then across the Hai Van Pass down into Hoi An. In this case, Courtney has arrived just in time for the full moon lantern festival. Whether or not you get there for this festival, the road still looks to be an amazing route to take. At nearly 800 kilometers, this is quite a long route, but as highly rated as this one is, it must be worth the drive. 

Of course, the car chosen for this particular route is a gorgeous Carmine Red Porsche Macan GTS. If you need to tote three friends along for this beautiful drive, and you need to fit some of their stuff, there isn't a much better choice than a Macan. We're not sure what wizardry Porsche manages to employ to make it happen, but the Macan GTS feels more like a larger and heavier Cayman than any compact utilitiy vehicle we've ever driven. While it won't be rolling through the wilderness off-road, the GTS has a phenomenal PDK transmission and on-road handling chops that make it pretty desirable even when the road folds in on itself up the side of a mountain. While our first choice for a winding road like this would always be a sports car, the Macan GTS is about as close to a sports car as you can get while still being useful for long trips with multiple friends. 

There are plenty of great driving roads in this wonderful world of ours, what are some of your favorites? Will Porsche pick yours?