Polizei Report 005: Car Surfing Rally Guy Courts Death, GM Has Big New Problem, Uber Sucks For Drivers, Is Apple + Didi A Mistake?

Jovian Yoh

Car Surfing Rally Guy is why we can't have nice things. Or events.

I'm in Brescia, Italy for the Mille Miglia. Limited connectivity, so limited updates. Shorter ones, too.

"Best Supercar Rally Ever!" - said every supercar rally this week.

GM has a BIG new problem. BIG. As in BIG. Not DeiselGate Big, but GM BIG. Nice job, GM. Maybe you shouldn't given the EPA those fake figures for your crossovers. (Automotive News)

Does Uber suck for drivers? Here's a video that breaks it down for you. (Digg)

Is Apple + Didi a mistake? Forbes thinks so.

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