Which of Your Old Cars Would You Buy Back?

A car from my past recently popped up on Facebook Marketplace, and it got me thinking.
Caleb Jacobs

I wrote a blog yesterday about my old IH Travelall that’s popped up for sale on Facebook Marketplace again. Plainly put, I don’t miss it. But there are a few cars and trucks from years gone by that I would probably welcome home if I had the chance, so that has me wondering:

Which of your old cars would you buy back?

My answer is a surprise, to me if nobody else. I’d scoop up my 2005 Volkswagen GTI in a hurry if it were in the same shape as when I sold it. That’s the car I learned to drive “fast” in, even though the 1.8-liter was stock aside from a diverter valve that made the turbo go whoooooosh.

I sold that car for not very much in 2016 if I remember right. The idea of having it back for a fun runaround car under $5,000 is mighty tempting, but I’m afraid it’s seen better days. I sold it to a kid from my high school, but I think he ditched it not long after so it’s probably been driven into the ground by now.

Let me hear about the one that got away from you in the comments. I’ll be around the rest of today to shoot the breeze and reminisce. See you there!

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