What Concept Car Do You Wish You Could Buy Now?

I’m still enraptured by the BMW Concept Touring Coupé. But I guess I’ll just have to stick with my four-door 3 Series Touring.

byAndrew P. Collins|
QOTD photo


It's looking like that new BMW clown shoe concept that came out last year is not getting a small production run after all. I'd have needed a mortgage to buy one anyway but I'm still kind of sad that I can't. What concept car do you wish you could buy now?

I was going to build this whole prompt around the Z4 Coupe (actual name: BMW Concept Touring Coupé) and ask what people would pay for the singular neue clownshue that did get built for the promotional photoshoot. But Chris Tsui pointed out we've never actually discussed our favorite concept cars in general.

The longroof Z4 is a concept I earnestly do like, even one of the few cars I'd liquidate the rest of my fleet for if it'd become a regular production car and sold alongside the convertible. But there have been a handful of other concepts I still think about too.

Who else remembers the Ford 021C? This incredible design came out in 1999 (1999!) and honestly, I bet you could drop it on TikTok today and people would go nuts for it all over again.

Alright, time to kick it to the comments before I go off endlessly calling out every awesome concept car I can think of. What bygone concept from the near or distant past do you really wish you could buy today?