For Sale: GMC Dually Limo Is All About Business in Front, Party in Back

At this point, I'm shocked the bed isn't a hot tub.

If you’ve ever needed to chauffer a wedding party on Saturday and then haul a cord of fire wood on Sunday but can only have one vehicle, then boy do I have the vehicle for you. This 1994 GMC 3500 dually stretch limo is exactly what it sounds like—a stretch limousine made from a GMC dually pickup and it still has its bed attached. And this glorious do-it-all machine can be yours for just $24,900.

Currently for sale in Canada, this pickup truck limo is the automotive embodiment of the mullet—business in front, party in back. It’s also one of the wildest self-made car concoctions I’ve ever seen. From the B-pillar forward, it’s just a normal GMC 3500. But behind the B-pillar, it becomes a massive stretch limo. However, it doesn’t stop there. Behind the limo cab is the truck’s original bed with its dually axle. There aren’t any dimensional specs, so it’s hard to tell how long it is, but it looks like spans three truck lengths.

Inside the limo, there looks to be seating for about ten people, with a full bar, enough ambient and fiber optic lighting to fill a ’90s dance club, and even a fireplace. Thankfully, if you need some wood for the fire, you can store it in the bed. Although, I’m surprised the bed isn’t actually a hot tub, Tom Haverford-style.

At the moment, its mileage is incredibly high. It currently has around 250,000 km on the odometer, which equals about 155,000 miles. Though, I have a feeling that if your mind is made up and you’re ready to buy a truck-limo, you’re doing so regardless of its mileage or condition. It’s not like there are a ton of dually pickup truck limos to choose from on Facebook marketplace.

It’s unclear who built this hilariously fantastic limo-truck, so we don’t know how trustworthy the work is. But if you’re looking for quite possibly the most outrageously silly vehicle on the used market, it doesn’t get sillier than this.

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