The 2025 BMW M4 CS Is the Quickest Accelerating M4 of Them All

It costs 16 grand less than the CSL but only laps the ‘Ring 0.2 seconds slower.

byChris Tsui|


Want a more hardcore BMW M4 but aren't quite ready for the nausea-inducing CSL? The 2025 BMW M4 CS is here.

As one might expect, it's a lighter and more powerful version of BMW's high-performance coupe, packing 543 horsepower (20 more than the Competition and matching the CSL) thanks to an increased max boost pressure from its 3.0-liter twin-turbo S58 straight-six. Torque is unchanged at 479 lb-ft, as is the gearbox, which remains an eight-speed auto.


Unlike the CSL which is rear-wheel-drive, the CS is all-wheel-drive-only, letting it beat its more expensive, more hardcore sibling on the sprint to 60 mph, taking just 3.2 seconds. This makes the CS the quickest accelerating M4 of the bunch, beating the regular Competition xDrive by 0.2 seconds and the RWD CSL by 0.4. It tops out at 188 mph with the M Driver's Package, up 8 mph from the aforementioned Comp.

Its talents in the corners have been enhanced, too. The engine mounts are stiffer while camber, damper, spring, steering, braking, stability control, and anti-roll bar settings have all been tweaked. M Dynamic Mode traction control is apparently more lenient than it is in the base car. Summer tires are standard but track or "ultra-track" rubber are no-cost options. These are wrapped around new wheels—19 inches up front, 20 in the rear—that come in either matte bronze or matte black.

It wouldn't be a German performance special without a bunch of carbon fiber and the M4 CS does indeed have a lot of that. The hood, roof, front splitter, air intakes, mirror caps, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler are all made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic. CFRP can be seen inside, too, with the center console, shift paddles, and trim all made of the stuff. The standard M4's optional carbon bucket seats are standard in the CS. Also lightening things is an exhaust system with a titanium rear silencer, cutting eight pounds from the regular M4 exhaust. All in all, the M4 CS is 77 pounds lighter than the xDrive Competition.

The result of all this lightening, tightening, and boost is a Nürburgring time of 7:21.99, a near-negligible 0.2 seconds slower than the CSL, which happens to be the quickest production BMW to lap the Nordschleife.

In my experience, any BMW with the letters "CS" in its name usually translates to brilliance. The price for this presumed brilliance, however, is also usually quite steep. The 2025 BMW M4 CS starts at $124,675, which is 16 grand less than the CSL but a whole 35 grand more than the Competition xDrive.

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