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Rebuilt Ariel Atom on Copart Could Be Your Next Cheap Track Toy

Windshield not included.

Ariel Atoms are some of the coolest track cars out there, but they’re hard to come by and usually pretty pricey. Who but Copart to solve this problem for us? There’s currently an undamaged 2007 Atom 2 for sale through the company’s Nashville location. It’s also purple.

The car’s primary damage is listed as “NORMAL WEAR,” and the buy-it-now price is set to $35,000. For reference, Atom 2s typically sell for closer to $50,000. This example also only has 2,916 miles on the odometer.

The catch is that this car has a rebuilt title, but it’s not stated what the previous damage was. This is a track car for occasional street use though, so the relevance of the rebuilt title is a little questionable. If a prospective owner is just going to trailer this thing to racetracks, it’s pretty debatable whether or not it even needs to be street-legal.

Atom 2s like this one are powered by a supercharged 2.0-liter Ecotec engine made by General Motors. Known as the LSJ, it originally found a home in the supercharged versions of the Chevy Cobalt SS and Saturn Ion Redline. In the Atom 2, it can produce as much as 300 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed manual transaxle. In a car that weighs less than 1,500 pounds, you can rest assured that 300 hp is plenty. As one of the closest things you can get to an open-wheel race car for the street, the Ariel Atom boasts fully-adjustable suspension tuned by Lotus.

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The current bid on this Atom 2 as of writing is $11,100, although the reserve has not been met. Assuming you’re OK with the title situation, this could be one of the cheapest ways to get an Atom in the United States. Put in a bid before a YouTuber decides to buy it.

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