Parking Garage Collapses In Lower Manhattan With People Reportedly Trapped Inside

At least one person has died in the shocking collapse of a parking garage in Lower Manhattan.

Emergency crews rushed to the site of a collapsing parking garage in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday with people reportedly trapped inside.

The parking garage in the financial district is located at 57 Ann St, between Nassau Street and William Street in Lower Manhattan. The garage may have started collapsing at 4:15 PM, according to local reports, when the second floor collapsed onto the first.

As covered by CBS News, emergency personnel were working to rescue those trapped inside. The exterior structure of the building was still standing Tuesday afternoon, but the facade showed signs of buckling. Fire crews were spotted using aerial platforms to save those inside from outside the structure where possible due to the risk of further collapse. K9 units and police “drone dogs” were used to minimize the risk to crews during the rescue operation.

Officials have asked people to avoid the area around the building while the rescue is ongoing. The area of Lower Manhattan is tightly packed, adding difficulty to the rescue operation. Pace University, which is based in an adjoining building, was evacuated.

At least six workers were reportedly inside the building at the time of the collapse. One worker was killed, with at least five injuries reported by CBS News on Tuesday. At the time of writing, emergency crews were continuing work to verify whether anyone remained trapped inside the collapsed garage.

Cameras from above the building showed several cars collapsing on top of each other when the floor gave way. The garage poses a risk to surrounding buildings due to the compromised structure. Crews may seek to stabilize the area in the coming days, with demolition considered likely due to the advanced state of failure of the building.

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