OnX Offroad GPS Launches Trail Cleanup Guide to Help Users Leave No Trace

OnX Offroad is doing its part for Earth Day to help protect the trails and land you love.

byRobert Bacon| UPDATED Apr 22, 2022 2:00 PM
OnX Offroad GPS Launches Trail Cleanup Guide to Help Users Leave No Trace
onX Trail Cleanup Guide. onX Offroad

The season of exploration is upon us, and off-road enthusiasts are flocking to discover the natural beauty of the U.S. Unfortunately, some will be left with a bitter taste after encountering the waste left behind by others. OnX Offroad, a company dedicated to off-road navigation, is increasing its efforts to tackle this problem. Today, the company is launching a Trail Cleanup Guide it developed with Public Land Stewards Bend, Oregon, that echoes the sentiment of Earth Day.

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This step-by-step guide will work with the app’s newly integrated stewardship tips and alert features, which let off-roaders know when they’re reaching popular hot spots that need more stewardship. The app's upgraded features coincide with onX's newly created role of stewardship manager filled by Becky Marcelliano. She will use onX’s platform to raise awareness for best practices, provide the public and policymakers with information about the challenges of off-road access, and host on-the-ground stewardship projects.

Since 2018, onX has committed a portion of its sales to help restore and maintain trails and secure and protect access for the public. The onX grant program began in 2021 and supports trail access and stewardship projects. The next deadline for onX grant applications is May 22, 2022. The program has already improved access to 60,000 acres of public land and built or maintained 40 miles of trails. 

If fresh air, dirty tires, and scenic views tickle your fancy, you might already have the onX Offroad app and digital membership. You’re not only getting 375,000 miles of roads and trails, you’re contributing to the protection of the environment.

Those who hunt or want to venture further into stewardship should pick up the onXmaps Hunt State Maps Micro SD Card or the onXmaps Hunt Elite Membership. Maybe The Drive should get together with our friends at Field & Stream to test these out? Let us know in the comments.