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Maybe Don’t Ride a Lime Scooter on I-70 in a Rainstorm

In a feat of utter lunacy, someone rode a Lime scooter on an interstate highway during a rainstorm with a passenger.
Reddit user FreshhSqueezedOJ

The depths of unsmartness that humans can achieve is unfathomably, unplottably deep. There was that one guy who did donuts in the ocean with his Chevy Camaro. Then the coal-roller that tailgated his way into a dumb crash. Oh, and don’t forget that BMW driver that crossed double yellows in a canyon and collided head-on with a Mazda Miata. Of all of those things, this random person piloting a Lime scooter on a Denver highway during a downpour might just take it.

This is so unbelievably unsafe on several levels. For one, the person has a passenger. A whole second person onboard the scooter, and that second person looks young enough to be a freshman in high school. For two, Lime scooters are infamously sketchy to ride in the first place, with any rut or pothole ensuring a certain face-eating cascade toward the pavement. For three, they are riding that Lime scooter on an interstate highway. For four, they are committing all of this stupidity during a rainstorm with what looks like heavy, fast-moving traffic. It could almost not get crazier.

Reddit user FreshhSqueezedOJ

Reddit provided us with this incredible example of the human condition. Though there are almost zero good reasons to ride a Lime scooter on the highway, if we give the person the benefit of the doubt this may have been some kind of emergency that required instant travel. The situation would have to be dire, but if you needed to get somewhere fast, this would be one of your only methods of doing so without a car. Though the risk is insane.

If this is the case, I hope things are better for this person. But seriously, do not ride a Lime scooter on the highway. Further, do not ride in traffic with a rainstorm. It’s just a bad idea.

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