Japan’s Newest Private Race Track Is a Stunning Feat of Engineering

Carved into a mountain outside of Tokyo, this is a gearhead’s wish come true.

byKristin V. Shaw|
green racetrack in mountains
Magarigawa Club/YouTube


Imagine yourself as an obscenely rich person who decided you wanted a racetrack of your own. You’ll hire a renowned F1 track designer, obviously, and then lop off the top of a mountain so build your dream course. That vision is a reality for the billionaire CEO of the Magarigawa Club in Japan, an uber-exclusive private track overlooking Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Bay.

The track opened with a parade of supercars on July 29, 2023 and is open to members only. Top Gear’s Tom Brown had a chance to cruise the 2.17-mile circuit in a borrowed a 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which he says on video is his longtime dream car. We should all be so lucky.

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Magarigawa is the first private track in Asia, and it’s impressive. Situated in the mountains of the Chiba Prefecture, about an hour from Tokyo, the racetrack boasts 22 corners and is appropriately challenging but not so much that a new supercar driver can’t handle it. A maximum of twenty percent of the track is uphill and 16 percent is downhill, with 800 glorious meters of straightaways.

The club includes a climate-controlled indoor pit lane staffed by mechanics ready to attend to any whim of its members. After spending some time wringing out their favorite high-horsepower machines, guests can take a dip in an infinity pool, hit the gym, have a drink and a meal, and even take a turn in the karaoke room. I'm guessing they're singing Cardi B's "Money" or "Hey Look Ma I Made It" by Panic at the Disco if they're fans of American pop.

Apparently, the mastermind behind the Magarigawa Club wanted a track where he could bring his wife and two daughters, and he didn’t feel that option was readily available. So he built his own, far away from neighbors who might complain about the noise. The description of the facility on the club’s site includes several mentions of family events and options, including low-speed cruising on the track. There’s a playground, dog park, and nature trails surrounding the Magarigawa, and it sounds like a rich gearhead’s dream come true.

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