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Daniel Ricciardo and Will Arnett Will Host ‘Alternate’ F1 Race Broadcasts This Year

It's going to be like the NFL's Manningcast, only for F1.

Over the past couple of years, ESPN has been offering an alternative, funnier, more insightful broadcast for the NFL, the ManningCast, produced by Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions. Now, ESPN and Omaha Productions are brining a similar idea to Formula 1, with an alternative broadcast hosted by F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and actor/comedian Will Arnett (LEGO Batman, Arrested Development).

This new broadcast, The Grandstand with Daniel Ricciardo and Will Arnett, will debut on June 18, for the Canadian grand prix. Both hosts will be joined by different guests in each episode, likely former drivers and famous F1 fans, who will discuss the race as it’s happening.

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner (left), Daniel Ricciardo (right)| via Getty Images

According to Ricciardo, it will be a lighter, more fun broadcast than the typical race breakdown you get from David Croft and Martin Brundle on ESPN/Sky Sports. “We will have some amazing guests, plenty of laughs and with some luck, bring fans another step closer to the sport I love so much. Buckle up America!”

While the exact structure of the broadcast is unclear, it’s likely going to be similar to the Manningcast, which features both Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli), as well as three different guests per episode.

Will Arnett (right) | via Getty Images

The pair of Ricciardo and Arnett should be a fun one. Arnett is known for an incredible dry, sarcastic sense of humor, which should contrast well with Ricciardo’s bright, energetic personality. Ricciardo, being a current F1 driver (Red Bull’s third driver), will also be able to provide better insight into what the driver’s are going through than typical broadcasters and former drivers. So it should be a fun and interesting dynamic.

When ESPN first launched the Manningcast, it became an instant fan-favorite, as it ditched the typically dull and repetitive broadcast with something fresh and more engaging. Hopefully this new F1 broadcast can do the same. You can catch The Grandstand with Daniel Ricciardo and Will Arnett next Sunday on ESPN 2 in the U.S.

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