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Amazing Collection of 165 Unrestored Classic Cars Is Hitting the Auction Block

Patina is a key word here.
Dick Hutchison Auction and Real Estate LLC

Easy-to-get vintage American cars are getting tougher to find by the day. It’s not often that a big collection of unrestored, mostly complete vehicles comes up for auction. That’s exactly what’s going on Sept. 3 near Sedalia, Missouri, though. Dozens of classic American cars, most of them built around the 1950s, will be auctioned off. They’re in a variety of conditions, but this isn’t a smattering of picked-through junkyard specials. All of these cars seem very complete. Most of them are still adorned with their impressive, pedestrian-impaling hood ornaments.

They aren’t mint condition survivors, to be clear. All of these cars are gonna need restorations. The quantity and quality of the offerings are still incredible, though. Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles, Buicks, and more all sitting out in a field with original paint and upholstery just waiting for a buyer.

The extent of the offerings is really impressive. Dick Hutchison Auction and Real Estate LLC

The auction is being run by Dick Hutchison Auction and Real Estate, which is selling the estate of the late David Viles. Viles was apparently a serious car enthusiast. In total, there are 165 vehicles for sale. A number of them are from luxury marks, with 16 Cadillacs, four DeSotos, two Lincolns, and an Imperial all listed for sale.

It seems like Viles was most partial to Oldsmobile, though. 54 cars from the brand are listed for sale. The next most common automaker represented is Buick with 26 cars, followed by Pontiac with 17. Others are also seen in smaller numbers. Ford, Chrysler, Hudson, Packard, Dodge, Chevy, and more are all present.

Just take a look at the two-door LeSabre. Worth going just for that thing.

Some of my personal favorites are the aforementioned 1960 LeSabre, the 1962 two-door Oldsmobile Starfire, and the two-door 1956 Cadillac Eldorado. Let’s hope they all go to good homes.

The auction will take place at 22861 Highway P, Cole Camp, Missouri on Saturday.

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