Koenigsegg Looking to Hire 40 New Employees

Which is an awful lot for a small boutique supercar manufacturer.

Koenigsegg, maker of some of the most advanced hypercars on the planet, is looking for 40 new employees to join the company, according to its website. In particular, the Swedish automaker is looking for engineers, technicians, assemblers, painters, and detailers.

For a relatively small company with low production numbers, 40 new employees is a significant increase, which indicates that Koenigsegg might have a new project up its sleeves—or, at the very least, that the company is doing well if it needs to ramp up production significantly in order to meet demand. Either way, it’s good news for Koenigsegg and it’s good news for the world, because, well, there’ll be more chances to see one of these extreme supercars roaming the roads.

So, are you an engineer, a technician, or an assembler looking to make a move to Sweden (or already located there)? If so, head over to Koenigsegg’s career site and see if you have what it takes to work for one of the most interesting automakers around.