Watch $20 Million Worth of Koenigseggs Rev and Spit Fire

The Geneva Motor Show isn’t just a place to see new supercars.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Watch $20 Million Worth of Koenigseggs Rev and Spit Fire

The annual Geneva Motor Show is something of a Mecca for supercar fanatics. Between the congregation of the top-tier names in performance cars and the bevy of upstart sports car manufacturers eager to knock them off their pedestals—for that short period in late winter, the Swiss city's convention center may be the densest pocket of horsepower in the automotive world. 

But don't think the supercars only inhabit those poorly-lit caverns. Plenty of wealthy car owners interested in those wares make the trek to Geneva to see the latest and greatest from their favorite brands. This year, that happened to include a group of Koenigsegg owners, who rallied seven CCXs and Ageras (including what appears to be a couple of Agera RS hypercard) to cruise around town, rip off a few little acceleration runs, and rev a combined 56 cylinders hard enough to spit fire out of the tailpipes. 

And luckily for those of us who couldn't make it to Geneva this year, a YouTube channel called TheSwissSupercars captured it all on camera

If it weren't're gonna want to crank up the volume for this video.