Witness the 2017 Formula One Fleet Launching in Barcelona

Haters, take a moment and doff your caps to some F1 awesomeness.

byAaron Brown|
Witness the 2017 Formula One Fleet Launching in Barcelona


According to some F1 drivers, the 2017 cars are more aggressive than ever. For us—the folks who don't get to drive the cars—that means spectating the races should be better anytime in recent history—or worse, depending on who you talk to. This video of the new cars launching out of pit lane gives us a hint of what these cars are about. 

A clip uploaded to YouTube Wednesday shows the Ferrari SF70H, the Force India VJM10, the Haas VF-17, the McLaren Honda MCL32, the Mercedes F1 W08 EQ Power+, the Red Bull Racing RB13, the Renault R.S.17, the Sauber C36, the Toro Rosso STR12, and the Williams FW40 leaving pit lane. And to our ears, the lot of them all don't sound half bad. 

These new 2017 season race cars are hardcore. Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton said that he even discovered bruises on his body after a half day of testing, and Hamilton isn't the only driver who has a new and more aggressive car. Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel said that his new car "fixes pretty much everything," according to Motorsport, and Renault driver Jolyon Palmer said the speed of the new cars in corners is in a "different league" when compared to 2016's cars, according to Sky Sports. 

Watch the clip below to see the new cars in action.

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