Watch Some Crazy Finns Ride a Logging Machine Like a Bull

This is not something we recommend you try at home.

byAaron Brown| UPDATED Feb 27, 2017 3:31 PM
Watch Some Crazy Finns Ride a Logging Machine Like a Bull

A group of Finnish nutjobs borrowed a massive logging machine, picked up a log with it, and began riding that log as the machine violently shook it, until they fell off. They did all of this for fun. 

A YouTube video by The Dudesons, a group who perform mindless stunts, shows the team using Ponsse Scorpion harvester to rip a tree out of a forest so they could ride it like an amusement park exhibit, or a very long bull. After clearing the log of all branches, the daredevils drilled a saddle into the wood and mounted a harness—though, out of three times they rode the log, they only used the harness once. 

Amazingly, each of the three daredevils managed to ride the tree without injuring themselves. (Though, if that first guy wasn't wearing the harness, the video probably would've been a whole lot shorter.) 

The video ends with the two log-riders who managed shorter times on the tree getting penalized by being covered in syrup and bird feathers. 

Watch the clip, below.