Watch This Drag Racing Driver Make an Amazing Last-Second Save

Just when you think all hope is lost, Tom Bailey makes an amazing save.

byMax Goldberg|
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Lights Out 8 is a drag racing event hosted by Duck X Productions at Southern Georgia Motorsports Park. Filled with high-speed passes, 3,000-horsepower cars, and apparently the fastest radial racing in America, surprises are all but bound to happen.

Fortunately, the surprising in this video did not end in a violent crash. Captured by 1320 Video, you can see driver Tom Bailey position his car on the right lane and eventually lay on the gas for a pass during a "Radial vs. The World" class race. Suddenly the back end gets loose and Bailey quickly countersteers in hopes of saving his car. Amazingly, Bailey managed to keep control of the oscillating drag car and he is able to pull his chute and prevent a collision. 

It's an incredible piece of both wheel work and calm under pressure—one that leaves us at The Drive sitting here at our desks shaking our heads and wondering if we'd be as collected as Bailey behind the wheel of a crashing drag race car. 

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