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Watch These Custom Turbocharged Snowmobiles Blast Off Like Drag Racers

At the St. Germain Snow Outlaws shootout in Wisconsin, snowmobiles act like funny cars as they take off down the line.

While there’s plenty of fun to be found behind the wheel of a car in the wintertime—see: O’Neil, Team—the snowy season also brings with it plenty of  opportunities for motor vehicle hijinks beyond the automotive realm. Just ask the manic snowmobile riders seen in the video below.

The video, according to its title, comes from the St. Germain Snow Outlaws Top 10 Shootout in St. Germain, Wisconsin, a town of roughly 2,000 people whose biggest claim to fame is the presence of the Snowmobile Hall of Fame. Clearly, snow machines are a big deal to folks there—and based on the machines seen in the clip below, some of the folks in the area have developed some serious chops when it comes to turning snowmobiles into serious speed machines. 

There’s no doubting the speed of these snow machines

The video’s description states that the snowmobiles in the video are turbocharged, but clearly, the mods to these things go beyond simple snails. Their tracks all appear to have been lengthened well beyond the norm for better grip, at the very least; given the way these things rocket off the line, we wouldn’t be surprised if the mod lists run pages long.

If you’re been to the Snow Outlaws shootout and seen these manic machines in action, let us know in the comments below.