Cars Won’t Stop Crash-Landing in this Repair Shop’s Lot

Watch video of a car fly off a nearby highway directly into a mechanic’s parking lot.

byAaron Brown| UPDATED Jul 25, 2017 2:02 PM
Cars Won’t Stop Crash-Landing in this Repair Shop’s Lot

A Pittsburgh automotive repair shop is apparently located in a highly strategic location. A car flew off the parkway that's located right behind Snyder Brothers Automotive on Jan. 23rd and crash-landed in its parking lot—and it's the eighth time it's happened in nine years. 

“It sounded like a shower of debris hitting the floor, you know, the ground out there,” said shop owner Donald Snyder to local news station KDKA

When shop employees went to check on the driver of the crashed car, they found him without a single injury. 

“We ran out there and we had 911 on the phone and he told me to check him out. We were checking him out. I looked at him, he didn’t have no bruises on him, no scratches, it was amazing,” said Snyder.

For the shop owner, incidents like this are nothing out of the ordinary. 

“We’ve had cars flip over, catch on fire. Hit the building, time and time again,” said Snyder to KDKA. “I think people, they are not prepared to make that sharp turn. Also, I think people become distracted. This fellow, he didn’t even hit his brakes, he just kept going straight without turning.”

Following this incident, a crew from the state department of transportation traveled to the scene of the incident to assess the area. 

Watch video of the crash below: