18 Hungry Lions Bring Traffic to Standstill in South Africa

Because where better for a massive cat to eat lunch than the middle of a road?

Daily Mail/YoUTube

A group of lions stopped traffic when they decided to spend some time lying in the middle of a South African road eating a buffalo they had recently killed. 

The 18 lions—a number apparently large enough to make up a pride— were occupying a road in South Africa's Kruger National Park, Daily Mail reports.

Suan Wright, 60, was one of the tourists who caught the action up front and in person. "The buffalo was killed no more than hour before we arrived on the scene," Wright told Daily Mail. "The fact that more and more vehicles appeared and could not pass because the pride were feeding in the middle of the main road did not perturb them in the least. We sat watching the spectacle for over an hour before moving on."

Sure, these lions are beautiful, but we here at The Drive aren't completely sure we're in love with the idea of being trapped on a road with a bunch of cats that would be more than happy to eat our faces