In Honor of Vine’s Death, Here Are Our Five Favorite Automotive Vines

The video-sharing app may be gone, but our favorite clips will live on in our hearts. 

byAaron Brown|
In Honor of Vine’s Death, Here Are Our Five Favorite Automotive Vines

For nearly four years, the video-sharing platform Vine has served as the most insufferable social media ​the Internet has to offer. Some people who some consider themselves to be funny—so-called “Vine stars”—rose to sad, pathetic levels of fame by creating six-second films in which they would mock themselves and those around them for the enjoyment of those who apparently had nothing better to do than stare at endlessly-looping video clips.

At least, they used to. Today, Vine's parent company, Twitter, announced it would no longer allow users to upload new clips onto the app. The four-year-old social media application has been cast aside in Twitter’s quest for profitability, left for dead in an era when short-form online video is dominated by Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

And all we can say to that is, simply: Thank God.

But Vine, hellish as it was, still had some value to it. There were a handful of short videos that ​were​ actually funny hidden within all the dreck. Hell, some of those even involved cars.

So, as a way of metaphorically pouring one out for the dying social media platform, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite automotive-themed Vines for your enjoyment. All told, they’ll bring you at least 30 seconds of enjoyment. And in this day and age...sometimes, half a minute of happiness is all you can expect.