LAPD Considering the Tesla Model S and McLaren Opens an Ice Driving Experience: The Evening Rush

Plus, make your own beef jerky with this awesome Mastercraft smoker.

byMax Goldberg|
LAPD Considering the Tesla Model S and McLaren Opens an Ice Driving Experience: The Evening Rush

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If you remember a while back, the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3 were being compared by the Los Angeles Police Department. Eventually, the BMW i3 won the battle, and 100 will soon be added to the administrative fleet. But the LAPD is looking to add an electric vehicle with longer range and quicker acceleration for patrol the Tesla Model S is back on the table.

McLaren has officially launched their Pure McLaren Artic Experience in the Arctic Circle. The experience consists of ice driving, fine dining, snowmobile rides, and plenty of other cold-weather activities. However, there is a $15,000 pricetag for the three-day adventure.

If you are looking for something to listen to while driving home tonight, consider the amazing episode of The Adam Carolla Show where Carolla interviews Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May. The show consists of 40 minutes of the quartet talking about The Grand Tour and Top Gear.


Ever wanted to make your own beef jerky? Of course you have. Now you can, with the Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker. Standing 30 inches tall, the smoker has four racks perfectly positioned to slow-cook all the meats you want. Plus, there is a tray at the bottom where you can feed more wood into the smoker without opening the main door.


If for some bizarre reason you don’t own a football, it's time to get one. Whether you played in college or as a tyke, chances are, you'd still enjoy throwing the ball around if you gave it a try. Made with premium leather, the Wilson NCAA football is well worth your money.

You can never have too many winter/fall button down shirts. In that train of thought, head on over to Steep & Cheap and check out their sale on button-down shirts.


No matter how hard you train, there's a good chance that someone out there is still better than you. In the case of mountain biking, that superior person is Kyle Strait. Watch this incredible video as he barrels down a run at the Red Bull Rampage.

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