Clarkson, Hammond and May Talk The Grand Tour and Top Gear With Adam Carolla

Here are forty minutes of audio-only hilarity.

bySean Evans|
Culture photo

Last week, Richard Hammond posted an audio-only clip of himself, Jeremy Clarkson and James May’s full chat with Adam Carolla as part of the popular podcast, The Adam Carolla Show. There’s no driving, not even a single image to accompany The Grand Tour hosts’ words, and yet these forty minutes are leaps and bounds more entertaining than the entirety of last season’s revamped Top Gear.

During the chat, Carolla talks about being a fan of their “pokey little motoring show,” and about how Carolla was part of the American Top Gear pilot, as well as how the trio approach the dangerous stunts and filming their new Amazon Prime show, which debuts November 18th.

Fans of tried and true recurring Top Gear segments, including “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” and “The Cool Wall,” will be disappointed because BBC legally won’t let them bring any of that over into the new production. Don’t fret, though. The gang is cooking up plenty of new ideas and bits to keep you engaged. Hell, they spent $3 million on the opening scene, so they’re committed to going big.

Also discussed is the fact that Carolla is selling his two Lamborghini Miuras, to help offset his recent purchase of Paul Newman’s Porsche 935 for a whopping $4.4 million. You’ll also be treated to a fair number of jarring beef jerky ads. The plugs are about as cringeworthy as Chris Evans’ segments on last season's TG, but if you were able to stomach that shouty ginger, you’ll make it through the podcast just fine.

Lastly, Hammond posted the show on his YouTube page and, in what may be a trolling move, put his own name first in the title. Can’t wait to see if Jezza or Captain Slow (jokingly) take umbrage at shaking up the traditional ordering of their names and fire back at Hamster. Check out the full show below.