Watch Rimac’s Electric Hypercar Demolish a Porsche 918 In a Drag Race

The Croatian electric sports car destroys the best of what internal-combustion has to offer.

byAaron Brown|
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The Croatian company Rimac is ready to do just about anything to prove how blisteringly quick its Concept_One is. In August, we saw the beast murdered a Ferrari LaFerrari on a drag strip, and now, it's back to spar with the Porsche 918 Spyder. Care to guess how this ends?

If you need a refresher, the Concept_One is a hypercar that uses four separate motors with four gearboxes to produce 1,088 horsepower. Against the LaFerrari, the Concept_One sprinted from zero to 62 miles per hour in 2.69 seconds and ran the quarter in 9.92 seconds.

Because this specific Concept_One is a customer car, the company had to get this new stunt approved with the owner before going forward. That's one fantastically cool owner to give the thumbs-up. To film the face-off, Rimac brought the coupe to Michigan's Milan Raceway following a stint at Monterey Car Week in August. As previously mentioned before battling the LaFerrari, CEO Mate Rimac said he was nervous and concerned that his brainchild might not be able to slaughter the 918.

"We didn’t have the opportunity to try this before so we were also risking [losing] in front of a big audience. Still, we were more than happy to try and show what the car can do. I thought: 'Even if we lose, it is not so bad to lose against one of the best performance cars ever made – the Porsche 918,'" Rimac wrote in a blog post.

Despite his worries, the Concept_One didn't have much trouble reaching the end of the drag strip before the 918 Spyder. In five or six runs, the fully-electric hypercar bested the 918 three times. Check out the video below:

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